This list of annotation system issues resulted from my initial work on public annotation systems.

Annotation System Issues

This is an attempt at a opinion neutral list of issues associated with annotation systems. Much of the information about this has come from an annotation resource page being maintained by Daniel LaLiberte. Each issue is moved into an independent document so that each one can be discussed separately. The issues are ordered alphabetically (i.e. issues are considered independently):
Annotation Types
What types of annotations are there?
How do we ensure that only an annotation author can modify their annotation?
How are the annotations created and edited?
Are any client or server modifications required for deployment?
HTML Extensions
What HTML extensions are desirable.
In-line Annotations
What about in-line annotations.
Is there any way to prevent public annotations or delete them after the fact?
How are people notified when a document is annotated
How do the annotations scale?
Where are the annotations stored?
How can people see what has changed?
How do people decide how to view a document or traverse a public annotation link.
What other issues have been missed?

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