Public Annotation systems was one of my first Web related projects.

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Prior to July 1, 1994, I worked at Sun in the general area of programming environments and my Web activities were done pretty much on my own time. Almost all of the material presented here was completed prior to that date.

After July 1, 1994, web related activities became a full time job for me at Sun. Due to potential conflict of interest issues, I stopped working on public annotations at this time. For this reason, the material presented here is incomplete and will remain that way.

Public Annotation Systems

Public annotations are comments made to documents that are visible to all subsequent readers anywhere on the Web, without modifying the original document. Additional functionality allows other people to vote on the utility of any annotations added.

The following documentation is available:

The issues section of this project can actually be thought of as separate mini-paper on the issues associated with annotation systems. One of these days, I may break this section out into a separate paper.

`To Do' List
List of things to do to the public annotations system. This list is pretty sparse at the moment.

Design Documentation
The design behind public annotation systems.

Installation documentation
How to install public annotation systems.

CGI Source Code Directory
The source code for the CGI scripts used to support public annotation systems.

HTTPD Source Code Directory
The source code for the NCSA HTTPD server as modified to support public annotations.

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