Wayne Gramlich's Web Related Projects

This document only lists my web related personal projects. The full list of personal projects is available along with my current priority queue.

My current web related projects are:

Electronic Publishing
Before I discovered the World Wide Web, I had about 90% completed my own design for an electronic publishing system. When I discovered the Web in January of 1993 I sort of lost interest in completing or updating my design. None-the-less, some people might find a before Web design for electronic publishing interesting.
HTML Authoring Style
Like most people who encounter HTML for the first time, my first reaction was `Yuck!' Over time I cam up with a way of writing HTML in plain text editors that I find tolerable. It is called `Left-Right HTML'.
Copyright Notes
As I was contemplating publishing stuff on the Web I realized that I did not really understand copyright law. So I bought a book on the subject and made some notes. I thought the notes might be worth sharing with the rest of the Web community.
Public Annotations
My next major Web activity was to work on public annotations. While that activity resulted in a prototype system that worked, I subsequently became convinced that a scalable implementation of group annotations that does not require either browser or server modifications is much more likely to succeed.
Scalable Annotations
This is where I am working on a design for a scalable annotation system.
Stew is a collaboration system that attempts to provide a path from E-mail collaboration into more `cooked' web pages.

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