This document only lists my space related personal projects. The full list of all my personal projects is available along with my current priority list.

Wayne Gramlich's Space Projects

My current space related personal projects are:

How to Design, Build and Test Small Liquid-Fuel Rocket Engines
This book has been out of print for quite a while. Daniel Risacher and some others did the hard work of scanning the document in, running it through some OCR software, converting the equations into TeX format, etc. My sole contribution to the effort was to provide a photocopy of the book that I had made over ten years previously. Dan informs me that he has talked with the original author, Leroy Krzycki, and that Leroy was all in favor of posting the book to the web from multiple sites; hence, I am making an additional copy available from my site.
The book is also available in PDF format.

The projects below are all not very good shape at all. I would not recommend going down here unless you are really, really bored:

Water Thrusters (Barely started)
What if a way of obtaining water from asteroids is developed? This project investigates using water as the reaction mass for moving around in interplanetary space.
Are Amateur Oribital Rockets Possible? (Barely started)
Can the amateur rocket community build a rocket capable of putting a payload into orbit? This paper discusses the possibility of low cost amateur liquid fueled rockets with orbital insertion capability.
Magnetohyrdodynamic (MHD) Engine Pumps (Not even started yet)
An MHD pump is an extremely efficient pump with no moving parts. Is it possible to use an MHD pump for a rocket engine?

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