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The RoboBricks Project

The RoboBricks project consists of a bunch of modules, called RoboBricks, that can be assembled together to create interesting robotic platforms. The project information is broken into the following files:

Introductory matarial for RoboBricks.
News about the RoboBricks project.
The RoboBricks specifications.
The RoboBrick module descriptions.
The various RoboBrick prototype PCB panels.
The RoboBrick talk slides.
The RoboBrick tutorial.

There are two PDF documents available:

robobricks.pdf (~116KB)
Contains the 4 sections above.
robobricks_all.pdf (~1.2MB)
Contains the 4 sections above and all of the module descriptions. At 1284Kb/sec uplink speed, this one will take quite a while to download. (Hint: don't do it.)

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