Wayne Gramlich's Train Projects

This document only lists my train related personal projects. The full list of all my personal projects is available along with my current priority list.

My current train related personal projects are:

The Overall Plan
This the overall plan for my model railroad empire.
Model Railroad Speed Control
This is speed control circuit designed by Juergen Kuehnel that uses back EMF from the train motor to control overall speed. This circuit has excellent low speed control.
Model Railroad Network
While the model railroad industry has embraced digital command control for engine control, the control circuitry for switches, lights, and signals is stuck back in the 60's. I have a project underway to see if I can bring the control aspects forward to the 90's.
Hot Wire Machining
It would be neat if you could design a layout on the computer and just have machine fabricate all of that mountainous terrain. The idea behind hot-wire machining is to do just that. An X-Y-Z table is constructed that can move a hot wire over a piece of styrofoam.
mrdesign Model Railroad Design Software
Just for fun I started working on some software to help layout my N-scale layout. The software is pretty primitive right now.

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