This is the revision A version of the Camera1 module.

Camera1 Module (Revision A)

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

The Camera1 module provides a RoboBricks2 bus interface for a General-Vision Cognisight MTVS vision system. This module a builtin camera and electronics for recoginizing features in an image. The recognition hardware is based on neural network technology.

At first, the module is trained on a bunch of image classes. After training, the module can recognize the various image classes it has been trained on. Up to 256 different image classes can be recoginized.

2. Operation

One of the switches on the board selects between master mode and slave mode.

2.1 Master Mode

To enter master mode, SW? is placed in the MASTER position. In master mode, this module will respond to the various buttons and switches on the board. In addition, the Camera1 module will find an LCD32 module on the RoboBricks2 bus to show status information.

The following butons are available:

View/Learn Switch
In view mode, the Camera1 module will send the currently recognized image off to the LCD32. In Learn mode, the remaining switches and buttons are used to train the camera to recognize images.
Increment/Decrement Switch
This switch specifies whether the [Bump] button will increment or decrement the id. Up to 256 separate image classes can be recognized.
Bump Button
Depressing this button will causes the image class number to be incremented or decremented.
Add/Reset Switch
This switch specifies whether the [Action] button will add another image or forget all previous images for the current id.
Action Button
This button causes another image to be taken with the camera and added to the current image class (add mode), or causes all images for the current image class to be rest (reset mode).

2.2 Slave Mode

To enter slave mode, SW? is placed in the SLAVE position. In slave mode, all access and control of this module occurs via the RoboBricks2 bus. All other switches and buttons are ignored. The programming chart will eventually be shown below.

3. Hardware

The hardware consists of a circuit schematic and a printed circuit board.

3.1 Circuit Schematic

The schematic for the Camera1 module is shown below:

Camera1 Schematic

The parts list kept in a separate file -- camera1.ptl.

3.2 Printed Circuit Board

The printed circuit board files are listed below:

The solder side layer.
The component side layer.
The artwork layer.
The RS-274X "Gerber" back (solder side) layer.
The RS-274X "Gerber" top (component side) layer.
The RS-274X "Gerber" artwork layer.
The RS-274X "Gerber" mask layer.
The "Excellon" NC drill file.
The "Excellon" tool rack file.

4. Software

The preliminary (i.e. does not work yet) Camera1 firmware is available below:

Camera1 source code written.
Camera1 assembly output listing.
Camera1 assembly input listing.
Camera1 hex file.

5. Issues

Any fabrication issues will be listed here.

6. Additional Documentation

The following additional documentation is available:

Software manual for CogniSight software.
Hardware guide that describes pin outs and I2C commands.
The physical layout of the PC board. Alas, a few critical measurements are missing. Also, has the lens holder.
Samtec single row female connector spec.
PCB footprint for Samtec single female row connector.
Samtec single/double row male connector spec.
PCB footprint for Samtec single male row connector.
Product brief for MT9V022 image sensor.
The data book for the MT9V022 image sensor. This is copyright by Micron. It may be out of date.
Quick start guide to the CogniSight MTVS system software that runs on a PC.

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