Wayne Gramlich's Miscellaneous Projects

This document only lists my miscellaneous personal projects. The full list of all my personal projects is available along with my current priority list.

My current miscellaneous projects are:

TrailManor 23
This is some pictures of our 23 foot Trail Manor travel trailer.
Lego® Projects
Sometimes I do some work with Lego®.
Downloaded Software
Like many people, I download software off the net, compile it, and use it. Software that is critical to my projects gets down loaded into my download directory and spliced into my recursive makefiles.
Label Generator
My garage contains lots of draws and I have found it useful to label them. I have written some software to ease the task of generating labels.
This is my notes on seasteading -- building a homestead on the open sea.
Portable Library
I have huge piles of photocopies lying around. This project is about taking those huge piles of documents, scanning them into a computer, compressing them, and storing the result on a much smaller stack of recordable CD-ROM (i.e. CD-R.)
Vision Papers
Every once and a while I sit down and try and write down a vision of the future. These papers are available from my vision index.

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