1992 TrailManor 23

This TrailManor was sold early June 2007.

Luxury living in a small compact 2355 dry weight towable package. Stores in 20 feet of driveway and opens up into a hard shell 23 foot travel trailer 5 minutes.

The separate hard wall bathroom has a shower, an electric recirculating toilet, a wash basin, a 110V electrical plug, and a mirror. The kitchen has a sink with electric pumped hot/cold water, a gas/electric refrigerator freezer, and a 4 burner propane stove and oven. There is plenty of storage. Other features include a TV antenna, retractible awning, space heater, etc.

$7500. Call 408-245-4130 and ask for Wayne (or Chris.)

This is a front side view of the Trail Manor 23. When pushed back, it fits on our 20 foot driveway without sticking out into the sidewalk.
This is a back side view of the same trailer. This is a hard shell trailer with no canvas to mildew. It takes about 5 minutes to set the trailer up. This is not an exaggeration.
Step 1: Release the outer shell hold down latches. This can be done with your shoe without having to bend down.
Step 2: Walk to the end of the outer shell and simply lift it up. The torsion spring makes it easy for an 8 year old to lift the shell.
Step 3: Using your foot release the inner shell. Again, it is not necessary to bend over to trigger the release. Lift up the inner shell. Again, an 8-year old can easily do the lifting.
Here is the trailer with both the inner and outer shells open.
Now we walk around to the other side. This is the side with the door and the awning.
Step 4: We spend about a minute take the bottom door half and invert it outside.
This is what the door looks like after it has been inverted.
Step 5: Open the door and go in.
Step 6: Push the living room bed back and put up the seat cushions to get ...
... and get a nice comfortable living room.
Step 7: Turn around, push the back bed back, lift the closthes closet to get ...
... a comfortable back bedroom.
Step 8: Lift the bathroom walls to make the bathroom operational. The bathroom contains a small shower with a shower curtain the encloses the entire shower. The toilet is a recirculating toilet that has an electric flush pump.
After taking care of business thaere is a small wash bowl to wash your hands in. There is an electrical plug for the electric shaver along with a mirror.
This is a picture of the sink (left) and the gas/electric refrigerator/freezer. Yes, it really does get cold enough to freeze ice.
On the other side is the 4 burner propane stove with an fully functional oven underneath.
This is what the whole trailer looks like.

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