MakerBus implements an object-oriented hardware system that dramatically simplifies the design, implementation, and debugging of complex real-time systems. The overall architecture is organized as follows:

MakerBus Architecture
Each module contains a number of sensors, actuators, and processing elements (e.g. buttons, motors, microcontroller, etc.) The modules are connected to a robust multi-drop bus that allows inter-module communication. The higher level application runs on a host processor (e.g. a desk top computer, laptop, Raspberry Pi, etc.) and connects to the bus through a simple host adaptor board. In addition, the host can also access the Internet cloud, disk space, keyboard, mouse, monitor, etc.

The following information about MakerBus is available:

MakerBus 3.0 Specifications
The specifications for MakerBus 3.0.
MakerBus 3 Modules
The current crop of MakerBus 3 modules.

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