Wayne Gramlich's Computer Projects

This document only lists my computer related personal projects. The full list of all my personal projects is available along with my current priority list.

My current computer related personal projects are:

Easy-C is a strongly typed object oriented programming language that has similar expressive power as ANSI-C.
C Utility Library
Before I started writing my STIPPLE compiler, I decided to write a utility library. While it contains some useful packages such as vectors and hash tables, most of the rest of it was pretty botched up. All-in-all, I am not that satisfied with my C utility library and I certainly do not encourage anybody else to use it!
STIPPLE Computer Language
I have numerous problems with C and C++ as programming languages. I decided to undertake a long term project to implement my own programming language that would improve my productivity. I have no delusions that this programming language will every be used by any one other than myself.
Source Version Management System
Basically, this is my own version of SCCS/RCS and project management software written to be portable across all of the platforms I care about.
Personal Database
This is a project to implement a small ACID complient relational database.
System Modeling
make is the most commonly used system modeling language around and it has numerous problems. At one point in time I decided to write my own system modeler. The strategy that I used is that my system models would C programs calling system modeling routines in a C library (libmodel.a). It actually worked, but I still missed out on solving the main problem with make; namely, make works OK for programs contained in a single directory but starts to break down as the system starts to span multiple directories. Anyhow, when I decided to port all my code to Linux, I decided to go back to using make as my system modeling until I rewrite the system modeling library in STIPPLE.
TCP Monitor
A number of my projects communicate via TCP byte streams. I have found it useful to have a program that can monitor the traffic over a TCP stream. This is an `invasive' monitor in the sense that I have to arrange to have the TCP traffic that I am interested in monitoring routed to the TCP monitor.
XML (eXtensible Markup Language)
Eventually I expect to have a fairly complete XML library. For now, I'll settle for something that can parse HTML.
SUID (SWIT User Interface Designer)
This is my project to implement a basic user interface designer.

Copyright (c) 1995-1998 Wayne C. Gramlich All rights reserved.