CNC Projects

This is one of my manufacturing projects.

(If you choose to manufacture any of these boards, you should contact me first so I can discourage you!) My manufacturing projects are listed below:

CNC 4-Axis Controller
This is a "new and improved" 4-axis stepper motor controller based on the venerable L297/L298 stepper motor drivers. I did get this one to work, but is still has some serious firmware problems.
CNC Controller
It is time to replace the electronics for my CNC mill and lathe with something a little more robust than what I used the first time around. In this set of revisions, I only got revision C to work. Revision D does not work!
CNC Buffer
This is a serial (USB or RS232) to parallel port converter with some buffering memory. All of the real time stuff is done by this board and the buffering allows the host software run on a stock operating system (e.g. Linux, MacOS, FreeBSD, Windows, etc.)
FunCAD System
FunCAD is a computer aided design system that I have written.
Sherline CNC Conversion
This is the place where I show the steps I went through to convert my old manual Sherline lathe/mill into a CNC one.

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