This is the µCL known problems for µCL programming language.

µCL Known Problems

The known problems in the µCL version 0.91a system are:

No support for strings
This is not particuarlly hard; it is just in trying to get everything else ready, this important feature fell of the list.
8-bit multiplication and division are broken
The code bank switching code is broken.
Nasty dependencry on cygwin1.dll
The people who want to run µCL on a Microsoft® operating system, have to go through a nasty bunch of effort to download cygwin1.dll. The code that works around this problem is called MinGW and I just need a week or so to rework to code to use it rather than cygwin1.dll.
Tutorial is weak
The tutorial needs more examples and could use another sweep through it to make it clearer.
Language Specification is pretty much non-existant
There is a language specification, but it is in horrible shape.

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