This is the Revision A version of the LCD32 RoboBrick. The status of this project is work in progress.

LCD32 Robobrick (Revision B)

Table of Contents

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1. Introduction

The LCD32 RoboBrick is a RoboBrick that can output up to 32 character as 2 lines of 16 characters each to a Liquid Crystal Display. This RoboBrick is based on the Ampire AC162A available from Jameco as part number 171715.

2. Programming

There is no programming specification yet.

3. Hardware

The hardware consists of a circuit schematic and a printed circuit board.

3.1 Circuit Schematic

The schematic for the LCD32 RoboBrick is shown below:

LCD32 Schematic

The parts list kept in a separate file -- lcd32.ptl.

3.2 Printed Circuit Board

The printed circuit board files are listed below:

The solder side layer.
The component side layer.
The artwork layer.
The RS-272X "Gerber" back (solder side) layer.
The RS-272X "Gerber" top (component side) layer.
The RS-272X "Gerber" artwork layer.
The "Excellon" NC drill file.
The "Excellon" tool rack file.

4. Software

There is no software yet.

5. Issues

Any fabrication issues that come up are listed here.

Copyright (c) 2001-2002 by Wayne C. Gramlich. All rights reserved.