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Public Annotation Systems Related Work

The previous section discusses the introductory material associated with my public annotation systems design paper.

If you are already familiar with the current annotation state-of-the-art, you might want to skip over this section and go directly to the section on annotation authoring issues.

Where did the idea for public annotation system come from?

What was the genesis for my particular kind of public annotations:

Annotations with NCSA Mosaic

The ever popular NCSA Mosaic program has three forms of annotations -- private, workgroup, and public. These three forms of Mosaic annotations are discussed below:
Private Annotations
Mosaic private annotations allow an individual user to associate a message with a given URL. Whenever the URL is displayed by the user's instance of Mosaic, the annotation is displayed at the bottom of the document. The implementation of private annotations is quite trivial, the URL to annotation maps are kept in a sub-directory of the user's home directory.

Given that private annotations require no additional setup prior to use, they are fairly commonly used.

Workgroup Annotations
Mosaic workgroup annotations require that a group of people mutually agree upon a server that is going to maintain their group annotations. Next, all of the members of the workgroup set up the Mosaic so that it always queries a central annotation server prior to displaying any document. If a given URL has an annotation at the central workgroup annotation server, the annotation is displayed at the bottom of the document.

Mosaic workgroup annotations are infrequently used because:

Public Annotations
To the best of my knowledge Mosaic public annotations simply never worked. It is unclear to me if the Mosaic design team ever had a viable design public annotations.

One nice thing about Mosaic annotations is that the user interface is natural and easy-to-use. The user simply clicks on the [Annotate] menu bar and an annotation ...

(More description of Mosaic Annotations go here.)


(Describe WIT here.)

E-mail and Newsgroups

(Describe E-mail and newsgroups here.)

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