Nuts and Volts Articles

I used to maintain my own table of contents, but evenutally I wound up downloading the table of contents from the magazine web site. Obviouslyk, if they object to this, they can send a quick message saying to revove the content.

Table of Contents


October 1998 (Vol 19 No 10)

Emergency Toddler Finder
Push a button, find a child.
Family Radio Service Radios -- Facts and Much Fiction
Ham article.
Open Channel: Some More Tools for RadiosScience Observers
Ham article.
Security Electonrics Systems and Circuits -- Part 9
Fluid, gas, and ultrasonic modules.
Electronic Q & A
SPI and the Printer Port
Hooking up SPI chips to the parallel port.
A sonar Sensor for Amateur Robotic Platforms
Low cost sonar.
Build This Stepper Motor Controller
A UNC5804B stepper controller.
Amateur Robotics Notebook
The Computer Controlled World: RS22- Network Control Methods and Applications: Graphic LCD Display: Part2
Control up to 8 graphic displays.

November 1998 (Vol 19 No 11)

FCC Proposes Ham Test Changes
Ham Article.
Stamp Applications: Timing is everything
Look at interrupts and other timing issues.
Interfacing a Magnetic Stripe Reader
How to read and write magnetic cards.
Electronics Q & A
The Ins and Outs of Optimizing Compilers
What optimizing compilers do.
Resistance is Futile
Security Electronics Systems and Circuits - Part 10
Automobile security and other automobile circuits.
Resource Bin
Miltary Surplus.
Open Channel: Flipping Out Over Flip-Flops
The Computer Controlled World: Mixed control for the masses
HVAC control.

December 1998 (Vol 19. No 12)

The Computer Controlled World: RS-232 Network Control Methods and Applicatoins: Serial Kilers
Discussion of RS-232 power, voltages, current speed, etc. Discussion of controlling relays.
A New Use for an Old Switch
Alternative uses for A/B and A/B/C 25-pin switch boxes.
Programming a Microchip PIC
A variety of different PIC programmers
Electronics Q&A
Electronic Circuit Symbols & Notations
Discussion of the various forms of electronic symbols.
Resource Bin
Micro accellerator
Maxim MAX4173
High side {power supply] current sensor
Micro Linear ML4421
Variable Speed AC induction motor controller
Analog Devices AD9830
Digital sinewave generator (50 MHz)
Texas Instruments TSL235
Light to frequencty converter.
MX-Com MX805A
Unique Subaudio Signalling processor
National LM1971
Digital audio attenator (volume control)
Analog Devices SSM2163
Eight channel audio mixer
Qualcomm Q2220
Direct digital synthesizer for communication and audio uses
Industrial Furnaces
Insulated boxes from Lindberg or Aremco
Build an Air Joystick
A Joystick with no base
Build a Sega Controller Tester
A Sega Controller testor.
Secrets of Making Attractive Rack Panels
Attractive rack mount panels.
Open Channel: Antenna Gain an Pattern Measurments
Ham article.
Recovery and Refing of Gold from Scrap Electronics
How to extract gold from electronics.
Amateur Robitcs Noteboic
Using PIC's.
License for Making Money
Ham article.
Test Leads
Discussion of test leads.


January 1999 (Vol 20 No 1)

Your Hottest Tool May be ICE
An inexpensive ICE (in circuit emulator) for the PIC.
Inexpensive Digital Timer
Cheap timer.
Electronics Q & A
Open Channel: Some Interesting Circuits
Universal IF Amplifier. Logarithmic RF/IF Amplifiler
Stamp Applications
Basic Stamp restart article.
More Ways to Use Low-Cost Digital Meters
Low cost (~$10) panel meters.
Amateur Robotics Notbook
Navigation issues. Melexis MLX90217 gear tooth position sensor.
Resource Bin
Medical Electronics
CURI vs. Cat
Trying to catch a cat with a robot. Humor.
(Mostly) Tuned and Tested
Ham article.
PIC-Based Data Acquisition System Characterizes LASER Diode
Putting laser diodes through their paces.
The Computer Controlled World: RS-232 Network Control Methods and Applications: Three More ways to Use Graphic LCD Displays

February 1999 (Vol 20 No 2)

Boaters and Rovers Upset with HF SSB Phone Service Shutdown
Ham article.
Looking Inside a Power Splitter
TV antenna splitter insides
Open Channel: Lightning Observing
Use an oscilliscopt to track lightning
Automotive Navigation
What's up with automobile navigation
Electronics Q & A
Build an Inexpensive Whole-House Temperature/Humidity Monitoring System
X-10 Humidity
Stamp Applications
Store Data with the RAMPack B
Amateur Robotics Notebook
Magnifiers 1x to 1000X
Doing Electronic Calculations with ELCAD
Electronics calculator

March 1999 (Vol 20 No 3)

Some Practical Light Meters -- Part 1
Light Meters.
E-mailing from 3MHz-30MHz
Ham article.
Data Loggin with a Digital Multimeter and Your PC
Using a multimeter to record data.
Open Channel: Radio Telemetry on a Budget
Using Ham for data collection.
Stamp Applications: A powerful Graphic LCD
A stamp can drive an LCD too.
The `Opto' in Optoelectronics -- Part 1
Optical basics.
Build an Inexpensive Whole-House Temperature/Humidity Monitoring System -- Part 2
Temperature and Humidity on X10.
Resource Bin
UFO stuff.
Electronics Q & A
Amateur Robotics Notebook
SIMMStick and Servos.

April 1999 (Vol 20 No 4)

Some Practical Light Meters -- Part 2
Light meters continued.
Safe and Sane SMD Repair
Surface Mount Chip Removal and Replacement
Open Channel: Some Design Rules
How to design things correctly
Build the Pot-Box
A Decade Potentiometer Box
Stamp Applications
Self scaling 8-channel A/D
The `Opto' in Optoelectronics (Part 2)
Build a SEPIC Regulator for Your Battery-Powered Project
Battery based switcher supply
Electronic Q & A
  • Mailbox Monitor
  • Hello Watchdog Timer
  • Quick SMD Removal
  • Ring My Bell
  • Video Game Schematics
  • Mile High PC's
  • Triplett Manuals and Parts
  • Special Effects Timer
  • Video RAM Requirements
  • Resource Bin
    Test Equipment
    Marine Electronics for the Land RV Market
    Ham Article
    Amateur Robotics Notebook

    May 1999 (Vol 20 No 5)

    Live Pictures from the Mir Space Station
    Ham article.
    At Home with Computer Numerical Control (CNC) -- Part 1
    Introduction to CNC.
    Open Channel: That Upcoming Science Fair
    Basic probability and statistics.
    The `Opto' in Optoelectronics (Part 3)
    Fiber Optics.
    Stamp Applictions
    Dual Digital Power Supply
    Low-Earth-Orbit Handheld Communicators
    Talk to LEO's.
    Electronics Q & A
    Amateur Robiotics Notebook
    Optical Shaft Encoders
    Switching Voltage Regulator Basics -- Part 1
    Buck (step-down) and Boost (step-up) switching supplies.
    Resource Bin
    The Computer Controlled World: RS-232 Network Control and Applications: Video for Windows
    16 videos sources at once.
    Cow-Patty Pageant Race Timer
    Runner monitor.

    June 1999 (Vol 20 No 6)

    Three-Axis Chopper, Step Motor Controller for Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Applications -- Part2
    Camtronics stepper moter using L297 and L298.
    Open Channel: Spectrum Analyzers -- Including One to Build
    Ham Article.
    Switching Power Supply
    A swithing power supply using 78T105HC chip (a pin compatible 7805 switcher.)
    The `Opto' in Optoelectronics -- Part 4
    LED's and Lasers
    Electronics Q & A
    A Wolf in PIC's Clothing
    Scenix and Virtual Peripherals
    Out of Sight High-Frequency Antenas
    Ham Article.
    Amateur Robotics Notebook
    Firefighting, Mars Sojourner Mock-up, Encoder disks.
    Switching Voltage Regulator Basics -- Part 2
    Flyback and inverter switching supplies
    Stamp Applications
    Dual Digital Power Supply -- Part 2
    Making RS-232 Interfaces Work
    Basics of RS-232.

    July 1999 (Vol 20 No 7)

    The Computer Controlled World: RS-232 Network Control Methods: VF Displays
    Vacuum Forescent displays
    Using Those Wide-Range, All-Mode Handheld Receivers
    Ham Article.
    Stamp Applications
    WWVB Clock Interface
    A High-Power PIC Macro Library
    PIC macros
    Open Channel: Notes on Vibration Detectors and Seismographs -- Part 1
    Various vibration detectors
    Electronics Q & A
    Three-Axis Chopper, Step Motor Controller for Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Applications -- Part 3
    Configure and adjust Camtronics board.
    New Life for a Vintage Audio Filter
    Nostalgia Project
    Amateur Robotics Notebook
    I/O expansion
    EL Light: Playing in the Dark
    ElectroLuminescent Lamps
    Low Loss Electronic Switch
    Battery backup for small projects.
    Voice Changer
    A voice changer project. Parts list in September Issue.

    August 1999 (Vol 20 No 8)

    Three-Axis Chopper, Step Motor Controller for Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Applications -- Part 4
    Desktop CNC conversion.
    Build a Digital Watt and Watt-Hour Meter
    Watt meter. Parts list in September issue.
    Stamp Applications
    Stamp-Controlled High Power H-Bridge
    Top 10 Solar PV Power Applications
    Fun with PV.
    High `Tec' Refrigeration
    Cooling with a Peltier device.
    DC-to-Daylight Radios: Yaesu and ICOM Comparisons
    Ham article.
    Open Channel: Notes on Vibration Detectors and Seismographs -- Part 2
    Vibration sensos
    Electronics Q & A
    Ameteur Robotics Notebook
    Power Control and I2C.
    Servos, Steppers, and Optical Encoders -- Part 1
    Build an LED Digital Thermometer
    Digital Thermometer project

    September 1999 (Vol 20 No 9)

    Ion Propulsion is a Reality
    Home-brew Ion Propolsion
    Reader Feedback
    Watt Meter and Voice Changer Parts list
    Stamp Applications
    Protecting Your Stamp From the Cold, Cruel World
    Put the Operation Back in Op_amps
    Fun Op-amp circuits
    Hams Happy Holding Pattern
    Ham article.
    Powerpointing Your Projects -- Part 1
    Schematic capture using powerpoint.
    Electronics Q & A
    Build a Photo-Electric Counter
    Counters plus LEDs.
    Servos, Steppers, and Optical Encoders -- Part 2
    Open Channel: Dealing with Instrument Problems
    Grounding problems.
    Amateur Robotics Notebook
    Outfitting Your `Mad' Scientist's Lair!
    Halloween Tesla Coil

    October 1999 (Vol 20 No 10)

    Practical Y2K Precautions
    Y2K Mania.
    Stamp Applications
    Faster, Stronge, Better: The Basic Stamp 2-SX.
    Electronics Q & A
    Audio Design with Op-Amps
    Audio Op-Amp Circuits
    PowerPointing Your Projects -- Part 2
    PCB Layout
    Atmospheics Enhance VHF/UHF/SHF Radio Range
    Ham Article
    Automatic Night LED (with Other Worthwhile, Associated LED Projects)
    LED Projects
    Open Channel: A Little Digression: A "Boatanchor" Kit
    Old radios
    Servos, Steppers, and Optical Encoders -- Part 3
    More steppers
    Ameteur Robotics Notebook
    More I2C.

    November 1999 (Vol 20 No 11)

    Any Controversy on Mass Merchandising the Ham Radio Service?
    Ham Article.
    Radio Control Servos -- A Primer
    Lots of good stuff about servos.
    Open Channel: AC Power Line and Electrical Device EMI
    Power line interferance.
    Build a Tunable Noise Generator
    Tunable White Noise
    The Computer Controlled World: RS-232 Network Control Methods and Applications: Utilizing The Basic Stamp II SX
    Basic Stamp II SX.
    Reviving NiCad Powered Devices
    NiCad Battery woes
    Powerpointing Your Projects
    PC Layout continued
    Stamp Applications
    A muli-drop stamp based network
    Amateur Robotics Notebook
    I2C, Boe-Bot
    Electronics Q & A
    Robbi's Volin/Guitar Tuner
    Stringed instrument tuner

    December 1999 (Vol 20 No 12)

    BotBash '99
    Robotic havoc.
    The Computer Controlled World: RS-232 Network Control Methods and Applications: Advanced R2-232 Control of Relays
    More relays
    Usiing Low-Cost `Melody' and `Sound-Effects' Generator IC's
    Sound generation IC's.
    Open Channel: Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)
    The in's and out's of ESD.
    Electronics Q & A
    Orbital E-mail -- An affordable Solution
    Ham Article.
    A Simple Controller for Stepper Motors
    Another unipolar stepper controller
    Amateur Robotics Notebook
    More I2C PWM.
    Stamp Applications
    Stamp Net: A Multi-Drop Stamp-Based Netowork Part 2
    A Headset Junction Box
    Untangling the mess behind the computer
    A+ Certificaiton -- What can it do for you?
    Computer tech. certification.


    January 2000 (Vol 21 No 1)

    Color Imaging on Most any Radio System
    Ham Article.
    Indoor Digital Humidity Meter
    Humitity Meter Circuit.
    Stamp Applications
    Getting the Most of Your 12-bit ADC
    Closed Captions, V-Chip, and Other VBI Data
    Build a Throbbing Heart
    BotBash '99
    More Robot Havoc.
    An Improved AC-DC Voltage Reference
    Precise square waves.
    Open Channel: Signal Generators -- Part 1
    Signal generators
    Amateur Robotics Notebook
    LIght Sensitive Circuits
    PhotoDiodes, PhotoTransistors, PIR's, Cadmium Sulphide (CdS)
    Electronics Q & A
    The Computer Controlled World: RS-232 Network Control Methods and Applications: Byte Bugs
    Embedded processors
    Building a Better Mouse Trap - Part 1
    Info about mouse protocols.

    February 2000 (Vol 21 No 2)

    Thanks for the Memory
    A Storage Scope for Your PC
    Optocoupler Circuits
    Optoisolators and sensors.
    Stamp Applications
    Motor Control Made Easy
    Amateur Robotics Notebook
    Purging Electricity Leaks
    Low power consumption power supplies
    ProtoLab Circuit Design and Simulation
    A circuit simulator
    Digital Voltage Suppply from your PC
    Computer controlled power supply
    An Easily Built & Practical SWBB Receiver
    Ham article
    Open Channel: Signal Generatos -- Part 2
    More signal generators
    Federal Communications Commission Simplifies Ham Tests and Lowers Code Speeds
    Ham article
    Electronics Q & A
    Building a Better Mouse Trap -- Part 2
    A Mouse for your Basic Stamp
    The Computer Controlled World: RS-232 Network Control Methods and Applications: Control the pan and tilt of 256 different cameras from your desktop PC
    Servo motor control

    March 2000 (Vol 21 No 3)

    Building a better Mouse-Trap -- Part 3
    A keyboard for Your Stamp
    Stamp Applications
    A Digitial-to-Analog Converter for All Seasons
    Open Channel: Mystery EMI
    Stories about sources of EMI.
    Electronics Q & A
    Max Mod
    A low-cost 20MHz function generator module
    Understanding MP3 Audio Compresssion
    MP3 format described.
    Put USB in Your Projects
    Working Worldwide HF on a Tiny Dual-Band Ham Radio
    Ham Article
    Amateur Robotics Notebook
    Motors and H Bridges
    Practical LED Indicator and Flasher Circuits
    LED circuits
    Build a Telephone-Busy Lite
    Low cost busy light
    Countdown Controller
    Delayed timer
    The Computer Controlled World: RS-232 Network Control Methods and Applications: Control the pan and tilt of 256 different cameras from your desktop PC
    More embedded PC's

    April 2000 (Vol 21 No 4)

    Build an Electronic Compass
    Hall effect compass.
    A Magnetic Field Mapping Device (Earthquate Predictor?)
    Magnetic field strength on a stepper motor.
    Digital dB Using the Basic Stamp II: A Lookup Table Approach
    Decibels in BS2.
    Open Channel: Dummy Load and the USB Port
    Ham stuff.
    SMD Shortware Receiver
    Small shortware receiver.
    Stamp Applications: Calling All Stamps
    Remote temperature monitor.
    Temperature Measurement and Control
    Temperature Sensors
    Electronics Q & A
    LED Chaser/Sequencer Circuits
    Fun with flashing lights.
    Amateur Robotics Notebook
    ROBBI (ROBotics Builder Interface) Modules
    Rescue Beacon System to the Test
    Ham Stuff

    May 2000 (Vol 21 No 5)

    Tools and Techniques for Robot Builders
    Ad for Karl Lunt's book.
    FET Principles and Circuits (Part 1)
    FET Basics
    Stamp Applications: Stamping Myself Into Better Shape
    Exercise timer
    Build a Watchdog Timer Using The PC Speaker Output
    Cheap Watchdog for a PC
    LED Array Sign for Around $50.00
    Cheap LED array sign
    Electronics Q & A
    Amateur Robotics Notebook
    H Bridges
    Build an Infrared Detector
    Cheap IR detector
    Open Channel: Dealing with AC Power Line EMI
    Power Line EMI
    Digital Alarm Clock
    Digital alarm clock project
    More on 121.5 MHz
    Ham stuff
    The Controlled World: RS-232 Network Control Methods and Applications: Video for Windows (Part 2)
    16 input video multiplexer Windows

    June 2000 (Vol 21 No 6)

    Your GPS Equipment Now Has Better Accuracy
    The feds turn off GPS error generation.
    Open Channel: Noise Cancellation Techniques
    Bye-bye noise
    A PC Cutting Jig for the Dremel Tool
    PC board cutting made easy
    FET Principles and Circuits
    Some circuits
    Another AC-DC Voltage Reference
    AC-DC voltage reference
    Amateur Robotics Notebook
    Trinity Collage
    Stamp Applications: Menus Made Easy
    LCD menus
    Old Scopes Don't Need to Die -- A Repair Story
    Fixing an old oscilliscope
    Electronics Q & A
    Modular Instrument System
    Modular instrument power system
    Build a Shade Pole AC Motor
    Motor speed control

    July 2000 (Vol 21 No 7)

    CNC Retrofit: Affordable Servo Control for Your Desktop Milling Machine
    Servo CNC
    Open Channel: Telephones and EMI
    Phone noise
    FET Principles and Circuits
    MOSFET's and CMOS
    More PIC Macros
    PIC macros
    Stamp Applications: Stamps in the Lab
    Data logging
    Ham Operators Enjoying the New License Structure
    Ham stuff
    A Simple Tunable Low Pass Active Filter
    5th order butterworth filter
    Amateur Robotics Notebook
    Jiffy -- Peanut butter jar lid wheels and neat suspension
    Build this Low-Cost Function Generator
    Low cost function generator
    Electronics Q & A
    Troubleshooting an RF Signal Generator
    Upgrading an old RF signal generator
    Build the Incredible Electronic Mailbox
    You have mail

    August 2000 (Vol 21 No 8)

    Amateur Robotics Notebook
    Jiffy continued
    Open Channel: VLF Radio
    Very Low Frequency radio
    Power Supply Design Software
    Power supply expert system
    Electronics Q & A
    The Hidden Sounds on Your Telephone Line
    Behind the scenes telephone
    Handheld Satellite/Cell Phone from Global Star
    Cell phone on steroids
    A Tethered Backyard Explorer-Bot
    Remote control robot with a wire
    Taking Things Apart: The Joy of Microcontoller Disassembly (Part 1)
    Microcontroller reverse engineering
    Stamp Applications: Stamps in the Lab -- Part 2
    More data logging
    FET Principles and Circuits Part 4
    More circuits
    Build a Party Strobe Light
    Cheap strobe light
    IOKit and Bridge Software
    Computer controlled power supply

    September 2000 (Vol 21 No 9)

    Clearing Up TV Reception Afloat
    Satellite TV on a boat
    Electronics Q & A
    LED `Graph' Circuits'
    Dancing LED graphs
    Stamp Applications: A Talking Pet Trainer
    Controlling an ISD25xxx
    Build an IR Remote Control Toggle Switch
    Cheap IR switch
    How to Draw Schematics Using MS Paint
    Sounds like fun
    An Easy Hum Killer: A Deep Notch 60Hz Rejection Filter
    Bye bye hum
    Taking Things Apart: The Joy of Microcontroller Disassembly (Part 2)
    Python PIC disassembler
    Open Channle: Let's Be Radio/Electonics Safe ...Please?
    Avoiding electrocution
    Amateur Robotics Notebook
    Seattle Robotics Society camp out

    October 2000 (Vol 21 No 10)

    An Arcade-Quality Game Controller for Your Computer
    Heavy duty joy sticks and buttons
    Prosthetic Sarcasm with Emoticons for Speech
    Smilie'e on LED's
    Electronics Q & A
    Family Radio Service More Than Toy Walkie-Talkies
    New walkie-talkies
    Build an Electronic Solar-Powered Digital Barometer
    Cheap barometer
    Amateur Robotics Notebook
    Build a Model Rocket Launcher
    Cheap launcher
    Using Basic to Generate G-Code
    Program generated G-Code
    Stamp Applications: A Stamp-II ISD Sound Lab
    More ISD2560 hacking
    Miscellaneous `555' Circuits
    555 circuits
    Open Channel: Using the P-I-N Diode
    P-I-N Diodes
    The "Xylotron" - 'Bot with a Beat
    MIDI xylophone on steroids

    November 2000 (Vol 21 No 11)

    Holiday Lighting Dimmer
    Cheap light dimmer
    Open Channel: Calculating Radio Antenna Bearings: The Great Circle
    Radio positioning
    Amateur Robotics Notebook
    Motor Math
    Electronics Q & A
    Switched-Capacitor Filters
    Interesting filters
    Stamp Applications: Sound Ideas the Basic Stamp II
    BS2 sound
    More Changs for the Ham Code Test
    Ham stuff
    RS-232 on a Breadboard
    MAX232 circuit
    Building Electronic Kits
    How to solder
    `555' Monostable Circuits
    555 One-shot circuits
    A Data Transponder for Model Rocket Engine Develpment
    BS2 Accelerometer with Transmitter
    USB Quick Start: Using the Universal Serial Bus
    USB primer
    Build the Incredible Christmas Tree Dipstick!
    Water level

    December 2000 (Vol 21 No 12)

    Sequencing and Dimming - Add Some Pizazz toYour Holiday Lights
    Flashing christmas lights
    Build a Pocket Sized Digital Altimeter
    Pocket altimeter
    `555' Astable Circuits
    555 Oscillators
    Electronics Q & A
    Open Channel: Large Loop Antennas
    Loop antennas
    Amateur Robotics Notebook
    Start CNC mill project
    Starting with the 68HC11
    68HC11 starter
    Loops Introduce VHF/UHF Weak Signal Operation
    Ham stuff
    Designing A General Purpose Programming System
    Another Universal Programmer
    Stamp Applications: There's a New Stamp in Town
    Oztrip Car Computer
    Car computer
    Build Your Own Voice Recognition X-10 Control System
    Voice controled X10.


    January 2001 (Vol 22 No 1)

    Amateur Robotics Notebook
    Symapod (radial symetrical hexapod)
    Build a Low-Cost NiCd/NiMH Battery Charger
    Cheap battery charger
    Closed loop Feedback Control
    Build your own servo
    Open Channel: FiberOptic Technology - Part 1
    Fiber primer
    Electronics Q & A
    Internet Telephony 101
    Computer telephony
    A PIC Programming Module for the LP120
    PIC Module for Universal Programmer
    Portable High_Frequency System Under Test
    Ham stuff
    DC Motor Speed Controller
    Motor speed control
    Stamp Applications: There's a New Stamp in Town (Part 2)
    Using Voltage Reference and Temperature Sensor IC's
    Voltage reference IC's
    Cyber-Street Survival: Part 1: Getting Started

    February 2001 (Vol 22 No 2)

    OOPics in my Pressroom
    OOPics in printing
    Electroncs Q & A
    Build an RS-232 Serial I/O Board - Part 1
    Serial to parallel I/O board
    Open Channel: Fiber Optic Technology - Part 2
    Transmit and receive technology
    Using Voltage Reverence and Temperature Sensor IC's Part 2
    Current source circuits
    Cyber-Street Survival: Part 2: "Spam: Just Say Delete"
    Practical Range of Amateur Television in Aircraft
    Ham stuff
    Light That Switch
    Lighting a switch
    CMOS Ding-Dong Chime
    You've got company
    Stamp Applications: Let There be LED's
    LED Matrix
    Amateur Robotics
    CNC project; tall grass project; Tryclops.
    Using the Elenco Model DT-100 Transistor Diode Tester
    Elenco DT-100
    HDTV 101: You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet!
    HDTV primer
    Battle Robot

    March 2001 (Vol 22 No 3)

    The Computers of the Future
    Thoughts on future computers
    Build Your Own Voice Recognition Alarm System
    Cheap voice recognition system
    Stamp Applications: Conversion Considerations
    More BS2SX
    Build an RS-232 Serial I/O Board - Part 2
    Serial to parallel project
    Electronics Q & A
    OOPics Get the Message
    More OOPic
    AIBO the Robotic Pet
    Bow Wow
    Telephone Wiring Demystified
    Mini MIDI Monitor - Part 1
    MIDI Monitor Project
    Using Voltage Reference and Temperature Sensor IC's
    Temperature sensors
    Multi-use Radio Service Sparks Cheers and Fears
    Ham stuff
    Amateur Robotics
    More CNC project
    Cyber-Street Survival: Part 3: "Without A Trace"
    Spam tracing

    April 2001 (Vol 22 No 4)

    AIBO the Robotic Pet Part 2
    Bow wow 2
    The PIC16F84 Grows Up
    Electronics Q & A
    High Flying Ham TV
    Ham stuff
    Build a Carbon Monoxide Sniffer
    Cheap CO sensor project
    Build Your Very Own Arcade Machine
    Bleep Bleep
    Syd Mead: Visual Futurist
    Neat art
    Amatuer Robotics
    Using A PIC Bootloader
    PIC87x bootloader
    Stamp Applications: Searching the 1-Wire® Bus
    Dallas 1-Wire® bus
    Mini MIDI Monitor - Part 2
    MIDI monitor project continued
    Cyber-Street Survival: Part 4: Security and Other Things

    May 2001 (Vol 22 No 5)

    Turn Your Home Into a Robot
    Stamp Applications: Lookin' for the Light
    Cds Photocell
    Unusual Trace Switcher
    Using Seven-Segment Displays - Part 1
    7-segment displays
    Cyber-Street Survival: Part 5: Hackers
    Actually about crackers
    Hawaii to California Tropo Time Soon
    Ham stuff
    Add a Universal Serial Bus Interface to Your Next Project - It's Easier Than You Might Think
    Laser Measure
    Parallax laser distance measure
    Small Logic Gates Spawn Big Dreams - Part 1
    SSI logic
    Build the Breatho-O-Meter
    Blood alcohol sensor
    Electronics Q & A
    Amateur Robotics
    Stepper Motors

    June 2001 (Vol 22 No 6)

    A Homebrew Multiplexer and Color Sensor for the RCX
    RGB RCX sensor
    Building a Flash Programmer for PIC Microcontorllers
    LVP for 'F87x
    Electronics Q & A
    Response Teams Use FRS Radios
    Ham stuff
    Using Seven-Segment Displays - Part 2
    7-segment displays
    Cyber-Street Survival: Part 6: Internet tools
    Traceroute and its ilk
    Thumbscript®: More Alphanumeric Input, Less Hardware
    9-button keyboard
    Amateur Robotics
    Small Logic Gates Spawn Big Dreams - Part 2
    SSI logic
    Laser Insight
    Microcontroller-Based Four-Digit Counter Modules
    4-digit counters
    Stamp Applications: Sounding Off ... Again (Part 1)
    Quadravox QV306M4-P
    Build an RF Sensor Block
    Linx RF module
    Wireless Webcams from X10
    X10 video

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