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This is just one of several personal manufacturing projects that I would like to work on someday.

Roving Eye Projects

A roving eye is a remote controlled platform with a video camera (preferably stereo vision) and, when appropriate, an audio audio system. The basic idea is of roving eye is to be able to visit a place without actually being there. The roving eye platforms being considered are:
Land Eye
This is basically a remote controled toy tank with a camcorder mounted on it and a limited broadcast capablity.

Boat Eye
This is basically a remote controll boat with a camcorder mounted on it coupled to a limited broadcast capability.

Sky Eye
This is basically a remote controlled helicoptor with a camcorder and limited range broadcast capability. The camcorder takes high quality material and the broadcast capability just needs to be good enough to sort of see where the camera is pointed. It may be necessary to bolt several helicoptors together to get enough lift capacity to lift a camcorder.

Scuba Eye
This is basically a remote controlled submarine with a camcorder in it. A fiber optic back link is used to transmit the audio/video signal back to the control station. With this device, it should possible to explore around just like someone with scuba equipment, but at lower cost and risk.

Space Eye
The idea here is to provide a mobile platform for viewing space activities. A cold gas propellant system would allow it to be operated both inside and outside the space station.
All of these roving eye projects will probably be worked on as the modular robots project progresses.

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