This project is one of many electronics projects that have been worked on over the years.

Embedded System Notes

This is where I keep my notes about embedded systems. A simplified definition for an embedded system is that an embedded system is a device that has one or more microcontrollers embedded in it. Thus, in addition to actually fabricating the device, the microcontroller needs to be programmed as well.

My notes break down in to:

Device Fabrication
An embedded system device is usually realized as one or more printed circuit boards that are sometimes placed into an enclosure of some sort.
Software Development
Software development for embedded system can be quite challenging in that it requires a fairly extensive set of tools -- editor, compiler, linker, debugger, JTAG dongle, RTOS (real time operating system), etc.
Feel free to delve into my notes on both subjects. If encounter any errors or questions, please contact me and let me know.

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