This is one of Wayne's many electronics projects.



Configurator is a program that is used to configure modules that make up an electronic project. At this point in main window looks as follows:

Image of Configurator
The main window has three sub windows:

The [Generate] button is used to generate code for the various modules. For the example above, selecting one of "LCD_Duino", "Grove_Duino", "TinkerKit_Duino", or "Gadget_Duino" and clicking on the [Generate] button will generate an Arduino .ino source file that can be compiled and downloaded to appropriate module. In addition, clicking on the [Generate] button when "RasPi" is selected, will generate a Python module that provides interfaces to all of the modules on the the MakerBus. In addition, this Python module can be executed as a stand-alone program and will generate a GUI program (using Python Tkinter) that can directly access all of the registers. A first cut is shown below:

Generated Python GUI

That should provide enough of an overview for now.

The source code is available via github. The know dependencies are:

The source code documentation is being converted to Doxygen format. Doxygen version 1.8 is required since much of the documentation is done in Markdown format (which was recently added to Doxygen 1.8.)

Copyright © 2012 by Wayne C. Gramlich.