This is one of my electroncs projects. The status of this project is abandoned.

ATMEL Programmer Project

Basically, I a saw a more general version of a microcontroller programmer in Circuit Cellar Ink. I have decided to build the programmer instead. Of the one described below. You are welcome to browse down in this directory, but do not expect much to change down here.

For a variety of reasons, I have decided to use the Intel MCS-51 microcontroller architecture in a number of my projects. For some additional reasons, I have decided to use the Atmel versions of the microcontroller. This means I need to have some way of programming these microcontrollers.

Atmel publishes an application note, "Useing a Personal Computer to Program the AT89C51/C52/LV51/LV52/C1051/C2051". Whew! What a mouthful! Anyhow, in that application note is a fairly simple circuit for programming the Atmel x51 microcontrollers. Below, I have copied the schematics into my own HobECAD schematic capture and printed circuit board layout program.

Here are the various schematics:

Latching Circuits Schematic
Socket Wiring
Socket Wiring Schematic
Power Supply
Power Supply Schematic

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